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Monday, July 7, 2014

Adventure to the East

So, not so recently, on the 1st of June (sorry for not updating Mum) my host family the Gaede's took me on a weekend trip to the East of Germany. On the way there, we stopped at a very,VERY, old schloss(castle) that Bach played some of his first pieces at.

 My brothers mucking around

And after 2 and a bit hours in the car we arrived in Dessau. First stop, Bauhaus buildings. These buildings were built during the Bauhaus movement, 1919-1933. Since the Bauhaus era, its style has influenced modern architecture and design.
                                         One of the buildings open to the public for touring.

After leaving we made it to the hotel where post operation Brooke needed her nap. ( Makes me sound old D: ) Later we had dinner at a restaurant and sweet Lord the food was soooooo good. My pork, with mushrooms and pommes (chips) was heavenly. And the portion looked like it was made for someone feeding 3 people, so as you can imagine I was very happy.

The next day saw us leaving the hotel with a belly full of the goodness they call breakfast. And boy do the German's know how to do a good breakfast. Bacon, eggs, cereals, toast, all kinds of breads, spreads, juice, coffee, tomato and meats and cheeses. 

With a short drive done we arrived at our next stop where we went on a boat ride around a park that had gardens with all different themes. The W├Ârlitzer Park was built in the 18th century under Duke Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau. This garden was mostly themed to match an English garden but also held traces of a traditional Greek, Chinese, Deutsch gardens and so on.

Overall my weekend with my host family was incredible. I saw so much of Germany and the Garden was so beautiful. And after my very tiring weekend, I slept like a log.

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Sandy Roberts said...

Hooray an update!!! And the photos are fantastic. So glad to hear you had such a wonderful weekend with the Gaedes. It is amazing how old the buildings are.....even a bit hard to comprehend. Love it. xx