I'm Off on an Adventure

Overseas and away I go! This blog follows my final year in high school which then continues onto my year away to Germany and on the biggest adventure I'd ever have ✌

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye for now, but not forever...

20th June 2014

Now what can I say about Nola. First off she's an American that came to Wolfenb├╝ttle through AFS. Now the first time I met Nola, was probably one of the best days of my exchange so far. She's loud, can be obnoxious, funny and one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. On the 20th we had her goodbye party and it was awesome. With the adventures we've had; going to Braunschweig, going to the cafe's, eating bad Chinese food.  Nola, my friend, I will miss you.

 The first day we met. Nola, Jose & Nick

Eliana and Nola at her going away party.
Nola you creeper, you are amazing.

4th July 2014

My Brazilians. Carolina, Ana & Marco.

That Friday night will always be etched into my brain as one of the best nights ever. We partied hard, laughed loud and cried (well Caro and Ana did). This goodbye was one of the hardest. Carolina, my love, you are my best-friend. My Cat. My little Gryffindor.  Ana, you are so beautiful and kind and I could never meet another person like you for you are one of a kind. Marco, when I see you again, and I will, we are going bowling again. I will win. Our maccas trips and semi awkward silences are what endears you to me. Whether we were with Natascha or Caro and Ana, it was all smiles and laughs.

 A group photo from the party.
Eliana and Ana. 
One very giggly group shot.

All I can really say is that the people I have met in the last 6 months are wonderful and have changed my life.

Monday, July 7, 2014

District Conference for 1800

Just a quick post.

On the 21st June District 1800 had their conference and it was also the last time I would see most of my Oldies. For the summer inbounds of 2013 it was time for them to return and this would be our last official meeting with them. This, I have come to learn, is one of the hardest parts of being an exchange student. The bonds that we form over such a short period of time become so strong and many of us find it painful to leave our new family and friends behind. And witnessing the reluctance of them letting go of us makes me wonder what it'll be like when it's finally our turn to let go.

But anyways.. The day went off, albeit a little late but smoothly. Seeing each other again was great and the conference itself with the performances was wonderful.

Me and my fellow Aussie Decklan. Australia represent!
South Africa! Cat :D
Dinner on our way home! Burger King Royalty ;P Eliana

Tears and Laughs

Now I fully accept that I am a heartless person... Moving on.

So on the 13thof June, Carolina and I went and saw 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Having only read the book the previous day left it fresh in my mind and yes, I did cry, that book is heart wrenching and should be allowed to exist. Standing in line ready to buy popcorn and the tickets, Caro had already begun to cry. We hadn't even sat down to watch it yet and there were tears. The group of teenagers in front of us were clearly thinking we were crazy.

 Our wait before the movie. GO BRAZIL! 

Our giant popcorn and drink. Yum.

And so the movie began and Carolina was once again crying. Now personally I like to think there are different types of cry's; the silent, the high-pitched, the laughing so much I'm crying and hysterical sobs. And of course there is also Caro's own special cry that sounds like a sob and heart-broken cry mixed in one low pitch cry. Weird, I know. So the movie went on the filthy looks were shot our way because of Caro's crying and me, being heartless, and laughing at her. Anyone who knows me will understand that my maniacal chuckle is evil and loud. The movie itself was pretty good,if not great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do recommend watching it or reading the book. 


Adventure to the East

So, not so recently, on the 1st of June (sorry for not updating Mum) my host family the Gaede's took me on a weekend trip to the East of Germany. On the way there, we stopped at a very,VERY, old schloss(castle) that Bach played some of his first pieces at.

 My brothers mucking around

And after 2 and a bit hours in the car we arrived in Dessau. First stop, Bauhaus buildings. These buildings were built during the Bauhaus movement, 1919-1933. Since the Bauhaus era, its style has influenced modern architecture and design.
                                         One of the buildings open to the public for touring.

After leaving we made it to the hotel where post operation Brooke needed her nap. ( Makes me sound old D: ) Later we had dinner at a restaurant and sweet Lord the food was soooooo good. My pork, with mushrooms and pommes (chips) was heavenly. And the portion looked like it was made for someone feeding 3 people, so as you can imagine I was very happy.

The next day saw us leaving the hotel with a belly full of the goodness they call breakfast. And boy do the German's know how to do a good breakfast. Bacon, eggs, cereals, toast, all kinds of breads, spreads, juice, coffee, tomato and meats and cheeses. 

With a short drive done we arrived at our next stop where we went on a boat ride around a park that had gardens with all different themes. The W├Ârlitzer Park was built in the 18th century under Duke Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau. This garden was mostly themed to match an English garden but also held traces of a traditional Greek, Chinese, Deutsch gardens and so on.

Overall my weekend with my host family was incredible. I saw so much of Germany and the Garden was so beautiful. And after my very tiring weekend, I slept like a log.