I'm Off on an Adventure

Overseas and away I go! This blog follows my final year in high school which then continues onto my year away to Germany and on the biggest adventure I'd ever have ✌

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Hellish Sport and a Wonderful Day

Dienstag. Today allowed for lots of shopping. I brought shoes, ones actually meant for the cold. And also a jacket, that was on sale for like 30euro!!!! Lutz, Moni and I walked around the town center for a while. I must say it was a very pleasant day. Latter that evening Moni and I went to Kin-Ball. Now I'd never heard of Kin-Ball ( here's a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kin-Ball ). Kin-Ball is some crazy ass game and I loved it. (here's a youtube clip of it being played http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sp-bxYtZIw ) 

Mittwoch. SNOW! It only laced the ground and was falling but I LOVED it!! My day began with seeing Monika's work place. It's a lovely church, and we met a group of lovely elderly ladies who were a part of a singing group. They sang an old folk song for me. It was amazing :D Shopping for today was done in Braunschweig! So the shopping center right, was a castle.... Just sayin. Later this afternoon I met Omar and Grandpa! (on Moni's side). They were the loveliest people ever. And so on I go.

The Church Moni works at with the snow on the ground :D

Monday, January 20, 2014


Finally after many hours of flying and many delays, I have arrived. With smiling faces and big hugs to greet me, it was the best feeling in the world. Lutz, Monika, Franz and Gaby were all there to see me walk out of the airport ( so was someone else but I forgot his name D: ). I slept a good 11 hours last night and today Lutz and I have been busy with my finalization of papers and what not. Tonight I have my first Rotary Meeting, gah I'm nervous. All this German is so hard to understand. Everyone speaks so quickly. But I'm sure I'll pick it up soon. So on with my new adventure I must go!

( I'm so short! )

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waiting, waiting and more waiting.

After the airport goodbyes at Brisbane, tears and all, a long flight awaited me. Now after that long ass flight, with screaming toddlers who had no reason to be crying ( I sure as hell could have given them one ) I have arrived in Singapore. With an interesting walk and train ride to the correct terminal, and after a much appreciated bathroom visit, the Germany bound exchange students found out that a 2 hour delay was to be expected. Yep, just what I needed. Only bonus there was the free food we recieved for the wait. Now as I'm abusing the free wifi available to us, I am talking with the other exchange kids and casually nodding at passer-bys and receiving weird looks. The joys. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

"It is time!"- Rafiki

Sunshine Safari has come and gone. It was an intense week with many of us, including myself, facing our fears ( I will never abseil again!!! ). Most of it passed quickly and we, the inbounders and outbounders of District 9600, met many amazing and interesting people along the way. Bernie, if you ever get to read this please know that I must commend you for putting up with all of us, it was not an easy task.

Next up in my wonderful adventure is the flight. Tomorrow is the day that I must leave my family, friends and comfort zone. Essentially I'm trading them in for a whole new family, new friends, a new comfort zone. I am scared, but truthfully I can't wait. I honestly don't feel like it's quite happening yet. Not until I set foot on German soil, will it truly hit me. I eagerly await the new adventures,the new trials and tribulations, the emotions I shall feel. Bring on 2014, I am waiting.