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Monday, July 7, 2014

Tears and Laughs

Now I fully accept that I am a heartless person... Moving on.

So on the 13thof June, Carolina and I went and saw 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Having only read the book the previous day left it fresh in my mind and yes, I did cry, that book is heart wrenching and should be allowed to exist. Standing in line ready to buy popcorn and the tickets, Caro had already begun to cry. We hadn't even sat down to watch it yet and there were tears. The group of teenagers in front of us were clearly thinking we were crazy.

 Our wait before the movie. GO BRAZIL! 

Our giant popcorn and drink. Yum.

And so the movie began and Carolina was once again crying. Now personally I like to think there are different types of cry's; the silent, the high-pitched, the laughing so much I'm crying and hysterical sobs. And of course there is also Caro's own special cry that sounds like a sob and heart-broken cry mixed in one low pitch cry. Weird, I know. So the movie went on the filthy looks were shot our way because of Caro's crying and me, being heartless, and laughing at her. Anyone who knows me will understand that my maniacal chuckle is evil and loud. The movie itself was pretty good,if not great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do recommend watching it or reading the book. 


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Sandy Roberts said...

My gorgeous Carolina, I hope you also gave her a hug. You are so lucky she loves you Brooke Roberts.