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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The First of Many

So the at the end of April I, the clumsy person I am, got injured in a game of soccor. And no, not one of the fakies the professionals pull, a real injury. I just so happened to tear the meniscus and ACL in my left knee which ultimately left me operation bound.  Honestly I didn't think my injury was so bad, I was still walking, albeit limping but walking no less. Now as most of you out there could imagine,of course that is if you knew me, I was pretty dang upset. After 3 fantastic months abroad I had finally had a bump in the road.

After long discussions to my new host parents, Dirk and Helga, whom I could not be more grateful to, and discussions to my own parents back home, my Mum jumped on a plane and touched down in Germany on the 7th of May. Tear were present, I mean honestly how could there not be, my mother and I are both massive sooks when it comes to emotions. Lucky for her she had a good rights rest and then at a bright and early 6:30am we were off to hospital the very next day.

The surgery itself I'd say went pretty well. I was pretty groggy after and couldn't stomach much. I was unfortunately cranky and tired and still very stressed. I didn't sleep well 4 out the 5 nights I was there but one good thing I did find at 3am was reruns of McLeod's Daughters in German. It was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. And finally on the Monday I was released and came home. 
Yes, I know I'm looking pretty fly.... NOT.

However I do wish to say one HUGH thank you to those who visited me and wished me well.

I did get one peaceful night at home before the physio therapy started up. Currently I'm walking on crutches, what a pain it is. But I'm up and about and that's the main thing. Before the morning sessions of physio Mum and I made a visit to Back Werk, a cafe, to have ourselves a little treat. Well deserved I think.
Hot chocolates and chocolate croissants, what more could you ask for.

 This incident is what I have come to think of a the first of many bumps in the road and in all honesty you can't take the bad without the good and 3 months of EPIC certainly has to be balanced out. I'm not saying I wish bad on me, I'm not crazy, but I've simply accepted that not everything is perfect. Also Mum, this is for you. Without your help, support and endless nagging I probably wouldn't have recovered to the point that I am currently at. Your visit was the greatest thing in the world and although it was under these circumstances I know you enjoyed your time here. So Thank you Mum and I love you.

The oh-so-traditional selfie.

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Sandy Roberts said...

OK now I'm crying at work... Love you too XXXXX