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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Goodbye for now, but not forever...

20th June 2014

Now what can I say about Nola. First off she's an American that came to Wolfenbüttle through AFS. Now the first time I met Nola, was probably one of the best days of my exchange so far. She's loud, can be obnoxious, funny and one of the coolest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. On the 20th we had her goodbye party and it was awesome. With the adventures we've had; going to Braunschweig, going to the cafe's, eating bad Chinese food.  Nola, my friend, I will miss you.

 The first day we met. Nola, Jose & Nick

Eliana and Nola at her going away party.
Nola you creeper, you are amazing.

4th July 2014

My Brazilians. Carolina, Ana & Marco.

That Friday night will always be etched into my brain as one of the best nights ever. We partied hard, laughed loud and cried (well Caro and Ana did). This goodbye was one of the hardest. Carolina, my love, you are my best-friend. My Cat. My little Gryffindor.  Ana, you are so beautiful and kind and I could never meet another person like you for you are one of a kind. Marco, when I see you again, and I will, we are going bowling again. I will win. Our maccas trips and semi awkward silences are what endears you to me. Whether we were with Natascha or Caro and Ana, it was all smiles and laughs.

 A group photo from the party.
Eliana and Ana. 
One very giggly group shot.

All I can really say is that the people I have met in the last 6 months are wonderful and have changed my life.

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Sandy Roberts said...

What a tough month for you with everyone leaving...........so pleased you have Eurotour to look forward to. Sending you some positive strength and hugs to keep you going until the next exchangers arrive. :)