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Overseas and away I go! This blog follows my final year in high school which then continues onto my year away to Germany and on the biggest adventure I'd ever have ✌

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Quick Catchup;
So on the 26th of January, like all good Aussie's, I celebrated Australia Day with the Isensee's. I cooked a Pavlova, and I must say it was delicious. I put the Australian Flag up in the dinning room and little flags in the Pav. Also I've started school at Gymnasium im Schloss. The school is literally a castle..... WHAT OF IT :P

Alas it is February already. And so far I have had my Orientation in Magdeburg. We went on a tour and saw the "Grune Zitadelle" (named so for the trees that grow out of it and the grass covering the rooftop(should have been called the Pink Zitadelle instead)). It's just amazing to walk through.
And we also visit the Dom (Dome). In its beauty I was stunned. This Church was over 400 years old (pretty sure that's what the dude said).
And so on my adventure goes.

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