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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Well February has pretty much come and gone. Like seriously February, what happened? I have now been in the beautiful Deutschland for 5 weeks! I don't even know where the time is going. But recently I went to the theatre to see "Die Kliene Tag", The little day. It was great, so many flashing colourful lights. And yes that is what I focused on due to my lacking German vocabulary. But I still enjoyed the night. School is slowly getting better for me, not that it was ever bad, it just took a lot of concentration and willpower to stay awake. My brother Joel, now 16, just had his birthday. Congratulations little brother!

And just a quick announcement, I cooked meat pie today! To all you Australian's out there that have travelled or are currently in a country that has no clue what a meat pie is, I feel your pain. Seriously, I felt pain. So I cooked one today. It was square.... It was so strange, but it's what I had to work with. And the results my friends, were delicious.  
Meat Pie and wedges. There's nothing greater.

And for those of you on an Exchange or something like it, and there's a special day back home. (Like a birthday) Just talk to the other exchangers. They know what you're feeling. And if that's not your thing, turn to Harry Potter, Harry Potter always helps.

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Anonymous said...

Brookie! I love your blog, hehe!
Great to hear things are getting better in school..