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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oh How Time Goes.

Happy Valentine's Day! (well for two days ago) Let's just say that Friday the 14th of February was, for the singles out there a somewhat depressing day, but it was also the start of a wonderful weekend. I had my first Rotex weekend! And I must say it was absolutely fantastic. I had never thought I'd meet such interesting and amazing people all under one roof. With games and tours of historic points this weekend was simply wonderful. And if i ever hear 'Beso' being chanted I'll know to run and hide ahaha. As a Newbie everyone just wanted to meet and greet you and see where you're from and just talk to you. As overwhelming as it was I wouldn't have it any other way. And Mum if you read this you'll be proud to know that you're daughters voice will be a part of the Rotex convention as a voice over on a presentation. Pretty proud of myself actually. Oh and the dancing! The dancing went well into the hours of the morning and being next to all the South American's, I have officially decided that I am too white to dance so swaying in the background seems like a good way to go. Until you're swamped by the boys and dragged into the middle of the circle. Oh yes, thank you for that -.- We partied and one night it was a themed party, "Carnival" to be exact. Really it was just dress up however you wanted, so this ginger became pooh bear. The girls were just in love with it taking photo's and hugging me. It was rather strange but that's just how Excahnge students are. Overall this weekend and my last few weeks have been amazing and on Tuesday I will have officially been in Deutschland for one month. It feels like 2 weeks, time is most definitely getting away from me. 

 This Pooh Bear has a bit of sass going on!
 Decklan! Now everyone knows you held the New Zealand Flag and not the Australian!

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Sandy Roberts said...

I am already bursting with pride!!!