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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Oh hot damn, would you look at that. March has pretty much come and gone and I haven't posted anything. SORRY!!!

So what can I say about March... Other then the fact that the weather is beautiful, the sun is coming out a bit more (even though it's weak, well compared to Australian sun that is) But lets have a quick run through of month shall we.

I have been to a wedding on the 8th of March, it was held in a quaint little Church and was a lovely ceremony. Although at one point I did find it quite amusing when the quests sang a song and throughout it you had to stand up and sit down quickly. But over all my favorite part was the releasing of the balloons at the end.

On the 12th I spent the afternoon with Nola (American), Jose (Venezuelan), Nick (Taiwanese), Carolina (Brazilian) and Simo (Finnish). We had a (yes, only one for the Rotarian's reading this. I only had one) beer at the coffee shop (most coffee shops also sell beer, strange) We ate ice-cream in a part while playing on the gym equipment like children. It was probably one of the best days I've had on my exchange yet.

The 15th lead to a day in the Harz (or hills). Moni and Lutz tookme up on the Sunday and we went to the Glasmanufaktur Harzkristall (if you can't guess from the nameis was a glass manufacturing place). We went on a tour and got to see the different styles from over the centuries and a demonstration at the end.  Then after that we went to Hermannshöhle, a cave. We also took a tour of the cave and it was pretty cool :D

 The Harz were eerily beautiful and I learned that they are the center for many of the witch myths that surround the area.

On the 18th I finally made it to Hanover! I met up with an other exchange student from Brazil, Gabriel. He took me around Hanover, showing me the different things there. We ate and then met up with more exchangers! It was a hilarous afternoon at H&M shoppingwith the boys, I swear they were worse then the girls combined. Hahahah but what a day it was :)

The 21st found my class at the Bowling ally after school. It was a very competitive afternoon, yes Tabea I'm talking to you (I will always win). Which was then followed by Opa's birthday party and then Marc's (Tessa's boyfriend) surprise party. Marc's party was very entertaining with one of his friends dressing up as an escort for him and there were many family members and friends in attendance. Lets just say it was a very 'festive' evening.

So yes I have just uploaded a lot of photos in one block but a lot went on that day. And Mum I though you might the two of Tabea and myself, I know how you love the faces I pull. (please don't kill me)

Monday the 24th, well lets just say exciting doesn't quite cover how I was feeling. I went to the Volkswagen factory in Salzgitter with my Rotary Club and it was AWESOME. We had a tour of only one of the sheds of the factory, it was the smallest, and we didn't even see half. That's how big the place is. Overall the entire place covers just over 340 football fields. They even fed us afterwards and every exchange student can agree with me when I say that food is definitely high on our list of priorities.


  In between these events I've spent afternoons with friends, gone to Braunschweig, played Kinball and slept a lot. So March has been a pretty busy month, but I expect it to only be busier. But that's what makes it so exciting.  

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Sandy Roberts said...

At last I have been hanging out for an update. Love all your photos even the one of you pulling a face!!
That's 3 months gone already, I think your whole year will be jam packed. Enjoy baby!!!