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Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Visit from South Africa

Just to clarify, South Africa is my friend Cat. So on Wednesday the 16th Cat arrived in Wolfenbüttle to spend the next four days with me. After taking her home to be fed we headed back into town to explore. We walked about town, she took photos and we ate. Exchange students are always eating, there is not one activity or outing where we are not eating. So we headed back for the night and relaxed.

The archway we found... Breathtaking.

Thursday saw us in Braunschweig for a day of shopping! We walked and talked and walked some more. We were in and out of shops for the better part of the day before coming home to a magnificent night of Disney movies. We giggled together at the hidden jokes, good ol' Disney.

Friday was unfortunately rainy. We did want to go to Mini Golf but it was closed so we ended up playing Rummikub with Moni, Lutz, Tessa and Marc. After we headed out into the rain and over to Tabea's to give her her birthday presents.

 The walk in the rain. (Umbrella by Rhianna was playing in my head the whole way...)

Tabea looked amazing in her Elvin costume. Complete with ears and blue contacts. OH HOT DAMN!

The walk to and from Tabea's was spent talking, dancing, singing, impersonating people and uncontrollable laughter. The night again saw us watching movies, YouTube videos and talking. And then today being Saturday was Departure day and also being 3 months of us being on Exchange here in Germany.

Also tomorrow is Easter Sunday and I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. To my family back home, I hope you enjoy yourselves and I'm thinking of you. Ellie, you better eat enough chocolate for the both of us and then run it off at training!

All my love.

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