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Saturday, April 19, 2014

School Holidays RULE!

I think every person who has ever attended school can honestly say that school holidays was the most looked forward to thing. The appeal of those late nights (better yet early mornings), sleeping in until heaven knows what hour, seeing friends and just not having to go to that hell which is school. April has seen me into the school holidays and by God has it been wonderful.

On the 7th of April I happily attended the Jägermeister Tour. First we were taken about town looking at historical buildings and interesting things. My school being one and then we had a delicious lunch at a Pizzeria. Not saying the food was bad, in fact it was simply divine but being a pizzeria I had thought there might actually be pizza... I was wrong. After we walked to the Jäger factory and just a little bit of information for you all, Jägermeister is only produced here in Wolfenbüttle and no where else in the world! Pretty cool if you think about it.

 My Host Father Lutz. Asian Tourist Pose!!

 Wolfenbüttle's very own love bridge!


Now after a day full of walking, who decides to go on an adventure the very next day? Yours truly does. God I was an idiot but honestly I think going to Heidepark (a theme park) in Soltau was worth it. Eliana, Carolina and Myself set off nice and early for 4 hours of travel to Soltau and then 5 hours in the close to empty park (due to the weather). The wait in the lines was short if there was one at all and I'm sure we rode one ride 4 times in a row at one point. Now don't get me wrong, I love roller coasters, but when you ask me to get on one that's made of wood I will quickly board the train to Nopeville in the land of Iamnevergoingonthat. So eventually the girls got me on the Colossus and yes I screamed louder then ever before. By the end of the ride I had a huge smile plastered on my face and we quickly got back into line. Now the second time round it started to rain and it felt like the rain was carving up our faces, so naturally I began to cackle evilly. It was just my natural response and after we got off I had a random stranger approach me and say that whilst he was not afraid of the ride itself, my laugh terrified him. My proudest moment right there.

So after a rather exhausting day we then made the 4 hours of travel back to Wolfenbüttle and I slept like a dead person that night. The first week of holidays was hectic and rushed and went too fast for my liking.

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