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Friday, November 7, 2014

Recap Time

Oh goodness, it's been a month or so since my last post. Well you shall wait no more, its recap time.

So in September after my Berlin Trip I moved in with my current host family, the Possekel's. Tammo my father, Simone my mother, Sina my sister and Jannis my brother. In my first week here we had Jannis's 17th birthday. Happy Birthday Jannis!! (if ever so slightly belated) Sina cooked one hell of a delicious two layered chocolate cake topped in smarties and surrounded in kitkats. Heaven on earth.

Up next that week Sina and her boyfriend Marco left for AUSTRALIA for a few months of work and travel. They had a small going away dinner with a few drinks to be had. It was quiet which surprised me but I have learned the Germans don't seem to have quite the send off Australian's have. But nonetheless it was nice.

 The gathering of people to well wish the leavers. 

 The car ride to the airport. Sina (middle) and Marco look very happy indeed.

And finally the airport send off.

Through out my stay with the Possekel's I cooked the Aussie specialty Meat Pie and Pavlova. And it seems they were a hit. No one can resist a good Pie. 

The Pie and Pav were pretty darn cook, both cooked from scratch. No frozen family pie or Pav egg here folks. 

Now Neinburg was up next on my adventure. That Rotex weekend was something else. There I got to catch up with my fellow oldies but also got to meet all my newbies. Now you may thing oh yeah ok sure you're just meeting some people but let me just say that there is about 50+ newbies and most of them South American. Oh hot damn was their noise. That is something I have learned over the months that no matter how few or how many South Americans there are, there will always be ample amount noise. But that's also the beauty of it. There's always something going on. So at this Rotex weekend we had a scavenger hunt throughout the town, a BBQ dinner with Rotarians and a "Bad Taste" party. It was wonderful. 

 Dat Pub. No more words are necessary for the description.

 The Church that we had a tour of. All the way up into the bell tower.

 My two ultimate loves on my exchange. Decklan (my Aussie) and Cat (my South African) 
PS someone remind me to never let Decklan wear my clothes again.

 Luis! Mexico. Such a character

 Carlotta, Rotex. Carlotta and I are best friends haha.

 Emily USA. Crazy little thing

Joey USA. We are but kindred Ginger spirits that both have a wicked sense of humor

This weekend was pretty dang good. The Rotexers are very relaxed towards the oldies, as we are only 5.. well 4 now. But that's another tale. 

So that's September done, October brought in new fun with a basketball game between Bruanschweig and some other team that I can never remember the name of. But Braunschweig won and that's the important thing here.

And there was Boys Night with Chengiz and Justin. 3D movies were watched and coke was drunk.
 We sat and laughed, they let me watch the movie in English and I giggled like a spaz when they asked question about what was said. All I can do is blame my sugar high from candy and coke.

 Now to my more tragic part of this retelling. My Darling Decklan has chosen to return to the Motherland, Australia. We had a beautiful time together my friend but you must go now. No seriously some complications came up and my Aussie other half is going home. But whilst disappointed he says he's had a wonderful 10 months in Germany and now he's just going home a little earlier. I admire him for that and even though I will miss his greatly. So in his last few days I made the 3.4 hour train ride to see him (and that's only one way) His beautiful town of L√ľneburg is truly breathtaking.

L√ľneburg had an amazing history with over 1000 years under it's belt. The town was lovely and Decklan took me out to eat lunch then walked me though his town, after meeting an other exchange student we all went with him to get a haircut and then I was back on my way home after a goodbye with Decklan. Good luck back home. 

That concludes our recap my next post will be of my school holidays and the trip I took to Tenerife for a week with my family.

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Sandy Roberts said...

Let me guess your first trip home will be to visit Declan???